Banned for doing literally nothing against the rules?

  • I got laid off from work after getting my 50% plat discount that expires tomorrow. I'm not going to get my last paycheck until monday, so I started looking for ways to get the necessary steam cash to get Harrow before my discount ran out. I found and started using it a while back, so far I've made 40$. I looked and found that you can literally get 4k points (about 5$. Get 2k more points for playing some easy game and you can get 10$.) by playing WARFRAME. Meaning all you have to do is make a new account and get to X level and you'll get some steam cash. This is a proven method, not at ALL a scam, there is 0 proof that it is a scam and I myself even provided proof that it wasnt a scam, by posting a photo with one of my already redeemed steam codes from the website.

    After realizing warframe was an option for gamekit, I figured there would be some under 18 kids without jobs who might want to buy that cool looking warframe instead of spending hours farming for the resources right? So I decided to be helpful and tell some people about it. Immediately I was told by a moderator that I'm not allowed to do that, even though it violates 0 rules. There is not a single rule that states I cannot tell people about a real and perfectly legitimate service, related to warframe, that will allow them to get further ahead in the game and have more fun. But according to this one mod, It was considered "Spam." Spam would mean it was either repetitive, useless, or fake. Which it was neither of those things. Then, I tried to page a server manager to help me mediate with the mod, and the SERVER MANAGER banned me for fucking trolling.

    I try to help people who don't have the money to spend on platinum get some platinum, I break 0 of the rules I read over and over again, a mod literally lies and says I'm spamming by just starting a discussion about a legitimate service, then I'm banned for trolling for trying to help people.

    Rather than disrespecting and contradicting the mod who was telling me not to help other players, I did the mature thing and tried to get the server manager to clarify, who then banned me without even saying a word to me. No "Hey, we just don't like that sort of stuff here. It could make other players believe scams similar to gamekit are real." or "I probably should have added that to the rules, but can you not talk about 'free plat' services? It doesn't seem safe." Just bam, ban. You're a troll, get out of the server, how dare you try to help people.

    What the fuck is this server?


    Sorry, gonna have to deny your appeal at this time.

    Please make the appeal in the format detailed on this page.

    You may re-appeal again in 15 days.

    To address some of your concerns, there is no one with the title of "server manager", and trolling or advertising in an undesirable manner is something we take very seriously. Seeing as you didn't ask a mod to check it before spreading it, it gets considered Spam.

    Have a good day, and feel free to reappeal after the new appeal.