The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.0.1

  • The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.0.1

    Known issues:

    • We’re working on a fix for the resolution issues some people are experiencing with High-DPI displays.
    • The Kogake Weapon has vanished from progression for a lot of Tenno. We are aware and working on a fix. Rest assured it will be restored.
    • Rivens appearing as ‘Croniton’ are broken Kogake Rivens.

    Ropalolyst Changes & Fixes:

    • Ropalolyst will now attempt to kick you off if you choose to ‘ride the bull’ for more than 30 seconds.
    • Fixed inability to proceed in the Ropalolyst boss fight if the Client player has died.
    • Fixed capacitor tower replication issues for Clients in the Ropalolyst boss right room.
    • Fixes towards Ropalolyst getting stuck in the top of the capacitor towers.
    • Fixed certain Transmissions playing back to back instead of spaced out when playing the Ropalolyst Boss node when a Client joined a mission.


    • Removed the Wisp Blueprint from the Market, as it’s intended to be a Ropalolyst drop.


    • Fixed inability to proceed in the Sacrifice quest when attempting to trigger a console.
    • Fixed the Disruption ‘Energy Drain’ modification applying to the Operator's Energy which prohibited ability to Transfer back.
    • Fixed the Adaptation Mod not actually providing any resistance value after Reviving.
    • Fixed the Odomedic Buff timer continually getting reset instead of stacking charges.
    • Fixed a soft-lock when viewing Darvo’s Deals in the Relay if you had Discord running.
    • Fixed spawning a free, but temporary, Domestik Drone just by simply previewing it in the Market.
    • Fixed the Domestik Drone appearing as a Blueprint in the Market Preview diorama.
    • Fixed Magus Lockdown not function properly with Tyl Regor.
    • Fixed the Repair Kit Mod not being displayed as a Drop/in the Codex. This resulted in some players becoming Trade banned, which will be fixed upon relog.
    • Fixed incorrect Energy colors on the Mag Ferro Helmet.
    • Fixed Hildryn and Garuda Specters never using Abilities.
    • Fixed a script error when Replicating a Warframe Blueprint in the Dojo.
    • Fixed a script error when completing a Round in The Index Endurance.
    • Fixed a script error when purchasing Debt-Bonds from Ticker.