Ban Appeal: Indie#5025

  • Discord Username: Indie#5025

    Discord ID: 241674019940597770

    Date/Time when ban was issued: May 24th, 2019 | 5:55PM GMT+5:30

    Reason given (if any) for the ban: You have been banned for Pre-emptive ban for many many awful things on other servers. by Spectrops#​2265.

    Warnings received prior to the ban: None as far as I know. I had the server muted, because of too many pings.

    Team member who issued the ban: Spectrops#2265

    Explain why we should lift the ban: I just joined back again today, and I haven't even talked. I wasn't given any prior notice or a satisfactory reason. This is completely wrong, I am not in the wrong here, your server is a Discord Partner and your staff is banning people for "Pre-Emptive" reason? I know how hard it is to moderate a big server like yours, but banning someone without even having contacted them and without a proper reason is unethical. I want action taken against the Moderator/Staff Member. This is outrageous. Why do I have to appeal after two weeks(

    How have you changed since this happened: I don't even know how I should be changing because I did not do anything wrong. If you really have a genuine reason for banning me then I am all ears, and will apologise for anything I have done and reflect on my actions.

    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: I don't know how I have to be different. I need a reason for the ban. I wasn't given anything

    Edit: Sorry about that, I misread the ID as being the Username. Added the Discord ID. - 29th May 2019


    If you gave us the full and complete information we asked for, I'd be able to look into it for you, but I need you to provide your discord ID, not your username w/ discriminator. Re-read the example post as to how to find that.

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  • @Tobiah sorry for tagging, but I've already updated the ID. I have been checking every day for updates, but I haven't received a reply. Sorry for the tag,



    I'm waiting for the rest of the team to give a once-over. And it'll probably be 2 weeks from your appeal before we respond since you didn't wait on your own.

  • @Tobiah I would've waited for 2 weeks if there had been an actual reason for the ban 🙂 Just give me an actual reason, and I will wait even for 2 years or remove my appeal too, its just that I dont mind being banned(even though its my very first), I just dont like being punished without a reason.

    But its okay, I'll wait for a few more days.



    You were banned because we found a report of your actions when you joined the server, including that you were banned for spam and child porn. I checked with the mods of the original server, and they still had the report on hand. If you feel this is still at fault, feel free to appeal in 2 weeks.

  • Sorry, I am confused.. I have never been banned on a discord server before. Can you please let me know which server you are talking about? Just want to know which server I got banned on, that I don't even know about to be honest. @Tobiah


    one of the large LFG servers

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