The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.0.7

  • The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.0.7


    • Syndicates in the Syndicate screen are now ordered by the respective Rank you have with them. The ones which don’t especially like or respect you are now greyed out to indicate that.
    • Improvements to the Confirm Quantity input field to make entering new values easier.
    • Eximus enemies are now capped at Level 9999 like regular enemies.

    Ropalolyst Fixes:

    • Fixes towards the Ropalolyst walking around in circles after landing.
    • Fixed the Ropalolyst going invisible if it nullifies while holding an Operator.
    • Fixed the ‘friendly through wall’ FX being applied to the Ropalolyst, making it difficult to see when attempting to shoot at it.


    • Fixed a Health scaling bug that resulted in enemies past a certain level only having 10 Health.
    • Fixed Health and Shield bar display for enemies with more than 2 billion points of Health and Shields combined.
    • Fixed a residual issue that affected exactly 29 accounts as a result of the Kogake Riven fix in Hotfix 25.0.2.
    • Fixed a soft lock after opening the pause menu while viewing the Syndicate screen.
    • Fixed Hildryn’s Melee Channeled blocking not remapping from Energy to Shield.
    • Fixed the Gale Kick Mod not affecting jump kick Damage.
    • Fixed a sneaky spot in the Gas City tileset where players could hide inside a wall, effectively cosplaying as the man in the wall.
    • Fixed AI pathfinding in the Gas City hangar area.
    • Fixed size of destruction area of effect on vulnerable wall pipes in the Gas City tileset.
    • Fixed a Fluxor Bot occasionally missing the its target and shooting welding beam through the windows of Gas City.
    • Fixed outline of a equipped Heavy Weapon being visible on Wisp when Aim Gliding after using Wil-O-Wisp.
    • Fixed the Prisma Rostam Kubrow Armor not displaying its Prisma cloud FX.
    • Fixed the Ballistica (Prime/Rakta), Cernos (Prime), Daikyu, Dread, and Paris Prime Energy color persisting as default on the strings.
    • Fixed clipping cloth physics with Oberon Feyarch’s skirt.
    • Fixed a Chat linked Mod missing indication if you own 0 or 1 of that Mod.
    • Fixed the map node for Saturn > Telesto displaying a Forma instead of an enemy.
    • Fixed all Codex > Universe > Art Galleries missing their dioramas.