Banned for "toxicity"

  • So let's say you are a part of a voice chat that's overall toxic, like nazi-level toxic, then you decide to be a bit toxic too, it goes on for the next few days, no one complains about you doing what you're doing. Then you get banned.
    "You were banned for toxicity, it's against the rules"

    "You were warned more than once"

    Yeah, okay, not once during the day that I got banned was I warned, not even once, not even a complaint about how I was acting. So there goes the "warning" excuse

    And if no one was complaining, then shouldn't it really not matter? The rules are there so people can have something to point to if they don't like what someone's doing.

    So what the fuck?


    Hello, @Stokes In order for your ban appeal to be considered , it is required that you post your appeal in the following format: