Ban Appeal: MichaelSupreme#5951

  • Discord Username: MichaelSupreme
    Discord Username: MichaelSupreme
    Date/Time when ban was issued: 5/22/19
    *Reason given (if any) for the ban: I was a "alt account"
    *Warnings received prior to the ban: 0
    *Team member who issued the ban: Tobiah
    Explain why we should lift the ban: Being completely honest its been harder to play Warframe without people to socialize ever since my ban in this discord I kind of faded a bit away from this game being part of the discord server was a pleasure ( I would surely be active if brought back into the server ) and it gave me a chance to be social something unfortunately its not really possible much in my life since i'm home-schooled and don't really have any friends other than family members but even if my ban is not lifted I can say it was an honor to be in the discord I know that might sound cringey but a good community 🙂 .
    If I somehow am not forgiven I will say that this will be my last request to be unbanned as I would probably assume i'd be banned forever.
    *How have you changed since this happened: I've become more social deprived
    *How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: Never joke around with the one and only Tobiah even if I feel like being goofy and make a false statement of myself and that has caused me to get banned. ( I won't waste your time on bs )


    you need to wait 2 weeks between appeals.

  • its been 15 days I checked


    I told you to wait 11 days ago. this appeal was 9 days after the previous was rejected.