Design an Emoji - Community Contest


    Swazdo-lah Tenno!

    With the recent addition of Nitro Server Boosts massively increasing our server's emoji slots, we need quite a few more emojis to fill them up!
    So, we've come to ask you, our creative, skilled Tenno artists and photoshoppers, to create some wonderful Warfame themed emojis for us, including animated emojis!
    Whether it's an original design, or a remake of an old favorite in Warframe style- we want em.

    Any creator whose Emojis get selected will receive a code for our in game glyph on your preferred platform(s)!

    The creators of our top 5 favorite entries will win 500 Platinum in addition to the glyph!

    The contest ends June 23rd, 2019
    Submit all entries either in this thread or in the #emoji-contest-submissions channel (requires contests role to post).
    We can't wait to see what you all create!


    • Submissions must be new and original work created by you.

    • Maximum of 3 Submissions

    • Submissions must be Warframe themed.

    • Submissions must be .PNG format for static emojis, or .GIF format for animated emojis.

    • The subject of the emoji must be discernible at 22x22 pixels.
      (That is what emojis are resized to when in a message with text)

    Submissions not meeting those rules will be disqualified!

    Helpful Tips:

    • Transparent backgrounds tend to look much better than solid backgrounds.
    • Reactions are resized down to 16x16 - bonus points if your submission is still discernible at that size.
    • Animated emojis with a transparent background generally work best when each layer is replaced rather than combined.
    • Suggest an emoji name, or we'll pick one for you.