The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.1.3

  • The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.1.3

    More back-end fixes for Plague Star included in this Hotfix.


    • Improved tolerance of third-party software injecting itself into Warframe.
    • Improved crash-reporting in the Launcher.
    • Enabled dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 connections to the chat servers by default (you can opt out in the Settings).
    • Optimized Chat-Window initialization.
    • Optimized Invite panel initialization.
    • Removed Wisp footstep sounds when crouching / dashing.


    • Fixed a loss of controller functionality when pressing the start button during the Second Dream intro cinematic.
    • Fixed UI lockups that could occur if you had an outrageous number of Friends.
    • Fixed Client Host migrations issues coming up with partially destroyed objectives in the Gas City Sabotage tileset.
    • Fixed Clients not seeing the Sabotage countdown stopping once hacked in the Gas City tileset.
    • Fixed Garuda’s Dread Mirror duration not refreshing after re-casting.
    • Fixed Hildryn’s Shield Pillage Shield pillage not being nullified on contact, only delayed.
    • Fixed Hydroid becoming stuck in his Tentacle Swarm cast animation after respawning from a teleport volume.
    • Fixed Beam weapons and Gunblades not affecting Bursting Mass damage on detonate.
    • Fixed Nora Night not showing up in the Nightwave screen.
    • Fixed the TennoCon 2019 Emote not having any sound to the local player.
    • Fixed a bunch of Containers stuck in ice that were unreachable for players on the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
    • Fixed Nidus Nighthunter Skin appearing fully Mutated in Navigation, Relays, Cetus or Fortuna.
    • Fixed body slam dash allowing you to travel much further than intended in Lunaro.