Ban appeal: Takitos#9526

  • Takitos#9526


    June 5

    Toxic Behavior


    Before the ban the warnings were off topic, spam, toxicity, etc...

    The ban was out of the place, took a very subjetive point of view, I commented un the muted channel that I actually enjoyed that chat and I got muted on purpose to get in, Serbian told me it was the last time in there then, and after some time he banned me when I was muted because that reason.

    I've not changed a lot, I just miss being there talking with the people, anything else is pretty much the same, I just wouldn't get muted on purpose again, I saw what happens with some admin if I do.

    I'll use the chat just to chill with the people, nothing else


    You will not be unbanned at this time. Feel free to appeal in 2 weeks.