Prime Vault: Hotfix 25.3.3

  • Prime Vault: Hotfix 25.3.3

    Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime are here!

    The Prime Vault has opened once more and Orokin treasures are yours for the taking Tenno! Get instant access to the previously unavailable Prime Warframes Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime, as well as their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, and more!

    Find their Relics in the Void or in Bounty rewards today!

    Get your Prime Vault now:

    The Prime Vault closes on September 17 for PC!


    • Added polish and improvements to Relays, including increased elevator speed, markers for Syndicate rooms, and more.
    • Optimized performance of Friends list behaviour under-the-hood.
    • We now only show the 'Gift' button in the Market for Platinum purchases.

    Nightwave Fixes:

    A bug existed in the progress tracking and completion status of 'Recovered' Acts. If a repeat Act appeared, this would cause it to be already-completed immediately when they appear in the UI and prevent players from earning their associated standing reward. We have more fixes coming on this - stay tuned!


    • Fixed an issue serverside with accounts being unable to incubate Kubrows.
    • Fixed an issue with a game freeze that would occur if you left the relay before accepting the Silver Grove quest.
    • Fixed Smeeta's instant reload buff not applying to battery weapons, it will now instantly recharge beam weapons.
    • Fixed Grineer Latchers on the Kuva Fortress being 'friendly' to Tenno.
    • Fixed Assassinate boss card titles not visible on Clients.
    • Fixed a script error / game issue on the Ambulas boss fight.
    • Fixed an issue with recasting Nidus's Ravenous on same location not refreshing the ability duration timer.
    • Fixed incorrect camera rotations in Captura.
    • Fixed an issue with Wukong's Celestial Stomp becoming unreliable if you use it too quickly after joining in progress.
    • Fixed an issue with Revenant's facing direction after using Reave during Danse Macabre.
    • Fixed an issue with Cernos Prime arrows fired by Mirage's Hall of Mirrors clones always hitting the floor.
    • Fixed an issue with Prime Sugatras looking stretched.
    • Fixed an issue with Wisp Specters being unable to cast any abilities - Sol Gate is still unusable for now.
    • Fixed issues with the fast travel option not working in old original Dojo tilesets.
    • Fixing a level hole found in the Grineer Sealabs.
    • Fixing a level hole as found here:
    • Fixed a rogue teleport volume as reported here:
    • Fixing level holes in Europa.
    • Fixed a level hole as found here:
    • Fixed Ephemera energy colour preview not updating when choosing new or random colours.