Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.1

  • Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.1

    **Addition - Quick Revive: **

    • We’ve added a quick revive option when running non-solo missions! If you’re downed you will now be prompted to “hold “X” to respawn” during the bleed-out state:




    • If you chose to quick revive before the bleed-out timer runs out, you’ll respawn in 3 seconds.
    • If you chose not to use your quick revive before the bleed-out timer runs out or before a teammate/Sentinel revives you, the standard revive option will become available.
    • The quick revive option is also available to you in Solo missions if you have a Sentinel equipped with the “Sacrifice” mod!


    • Increased Tenora’s magazine size from 80 to 150.
    • You can now charge throw the Orvius while in dual wield mode to trigger the same special function when throwing while channeling. Teshin would be proud.
    • Adjusted the AKBronco Prime’s Impact, Puncture, and Slash damage to match the Bronco Prime.
    • Increased AKBronco Prime’s magazine size from 6 to 8.
    • Decreased AKBronco Prime’s fire rate from 8.33 to 5.5.
    • Lessened the spread from the Heavy Caliber mod when used with the Scourge, Ferrox, and Javlok.
    • Javlok alt fire changes:
    • AOE explosion happens 1 second after impact.
    • Consumes ammo and AOE damage is increased by 20% per round in mag when thrown.
    • Explosion FX updated to better reflect the AOE range.
    • Ammo pool reduced to 300.
    • Improved handling of corrupt cache when transitioning between levels.
    • Adhesive Blast is no longer equipable on the Javlok and the Scourge.
    • Made small performance improvement to the Kuva Fortress tilset.


    • Fixed a crash when attempting to sell a lot of weapons from your inventory.
    • Fixed UI issue with your overall Syndicate Standing showing as doubled in the End of Mission window.
    • Fixed @username tagging in chat not working on players who had recently said something.
    • Fixed Operator abilities not working if a scanner is used before entering Transference. Additionally, fixed being unable to use scanners after Transference.
    • Fixed Operators jittering around when using scanners.
    • Fixed not being able to use gear item hotkeys as your Operator.
    • Fixed Operator reticle not being visible when a scanner is equipped.
    • Fixed Iron Skin on Rhino Prime being incorrectly colored.
    • Fixed Pandero’s alt fire bullets shooting from the holster position after a melee slide attack.
    • Fixed missing environment elements in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
    • Fixed a rare crash when running in DirectX 9.
    • Fixed getting stuck in a repeating shooting animation when swapping to a Gunblade in the middle of a charged attack.
    • Fixed a crash in the Relay server code that would result in poor performance.
    • Fixed the ability to procure the unreleased Helminth Ferocity mod via Transmute/trade.

    **Conclave Fixes/Changes **

    • Fixed a bug where the Castanas damage was being displayed incorrectly in the Conclave Arsenal.
    • Increased Tenora’s magazine size from 50 to 70.