Ban Appeal: Virus#9999

  • Note from Parrot Lord: Please read in full before voting.

    Discord Username: Virus#9999
    Discord ID: 115533013135130633
    Date/Time when ban was issued:

    1. 01/07/2018
    2. 03/26/2018
    3. 09/21/2018
      Reason given (if any) for the ban:
    4. Au revoir mon ami
    5. It's time to stop
    6. did not respect compromise on ban-appeal
      Warnings received prior to the ban: 15 (Read below however)
      Team member who issued the ban:
    7. AlexisMachina
    8. Parrot_Lord
    9. AlexisMachina

    Explain why we should lift the ban + How have you changed since this happened:

    Sorry for the Ted Talk but I need more space to work with to explain the last 3 years. If there are any doubts on anything I say below, I'll be happy to follow up with screenshot evidence if requested:

    To understand everything that has happened, I'll have to take you back to before Trials were removed from Warframe. For anyone who was around WFCD during 2016 onwards, you would remember Trials creating lots of activity and there was a large community of members actively participating in teaching/leading Trials on a daily basis. Early on during the server split, when Tobiah was given admin, he and I didn't have any particular issues as we hadn't interacted at all. I'm not really sure where or when he decided to take it upon himself to hold a grudge against me, but it wasn't something I was fully aware of until I started to notice that I was being treated differently by him and other staff, in a bad way.

    There were a few rounds of users being promoted to the Raid Leader role at that time, which was for people who were active and teaching raids on the server, and for the most part, people who were deserving were given the role. It became apparent that after the 4th time my name was put up to a vote, which had gone in my favour according to other raid leaders, but was ultimately declined by Tobiah which is where I realized something was not right. At the time, I was frustrated and decided to confront Tobiah myself in DM's to figure out what his issue was, he repeatedly stated he had no bias against me and no hand in me not receiving the role. This was when the direct harassment towards me started.

    Tobiah himself would join VC's I was chatting in to listen for any misstep that he deemed worthy of an infraction, whenever I mentioned that the infractions don't make any sense in parallel to the rules, the rules would be changed/edited. It got so bad that I had to screenshot the rules and save them to make sure I wasn't just imagining it.

    I'm not saying every infraction is unagreeable, or that I'm some model person, but my infraction count is heavily inflated by false infractions. Anyone who knows me is very aware that that I do enjoy shitposting and memeing, in a game that is very meme-accepting. I feel that may have been my biggest pitfall on the server.

    I was given infractions at one point simply for changing my name, which also ended up in the Description of Raid Leaders being edited by Tobiah in the #about-this-server channel.

    My first of the three bans I received during my total time at WFCD was given to me on request by AlexisMachina, in which I had asked him to ban me because I was just at my wits end with receiving countless, pointless infractions and warnings over minor things from Tobiah. At any point during this "ban" I was able to come back to the server, without a ban appeal, for the simple reason that I was not banned due to these false infractions.

    Skipping ahead a few months, I returned to WFCD, things seemed a bit more normalized, or at least I felt less targeted, until one day, an inside joke between myself and another user turned south fast resulting in a ban for what was slated as "Sexual Harassment". This ban was issued by ParrotLord, but in-fact it was pushed on him by Tobiah, despite the other user involved who was also a member of the staff team trying to explain it was not by any means malicious.

    Following this, moderators on the WFCD were openly stating that I was banned for being sexist (yes, I have proof of this too) and was labelled as such for the months to come. Not only that, but Tobiah himself had cleared the chat where my ban took place as soon as it happened, and edited the cleared chat log, which he then sent to the officers of the clan I was in at the time. I managed to resolve that with them by giving them a full explanation, and god knows where else these false chat logs were sent, but I had to deal with a lot of questions and several friends opting not to speak with me anymore following this.

    I did try to reach out to several members of the Staff and Admin team, but I can understand no-one wanting to hear me out, the situation as it stood, was Tobiah was owner of WFCD and even the admins had their hands tied on what they were and weren't allowed to do. His word was law. Not only that, but I was also aware of him blackmailing other staff members to make them avoid talking to me or helping me, holding their roles as leverage over them.

    Tobiah, on multiple occasions, stated to both me and members of staff that he had nothing against me, and no bias with what happened to me; however, this is the only ban to ever have an image posted following it in the action logs (vaubanned). (Side note, 69 "F" reactions, I ain't even disappointed, that’s a meme reaction number right there).

    Over time, AlexisMachina had convinced Tobiah to allow me to return to the server, following a ban appeal which has to be submitted on the forum, which I did. This however did not last long. Tobiah had called AlexisMachina late one night, having what could only be described as a mental breakdown regarding me returning to the server. Crying and "passing out" on call. At this point, Alexis himself did not want to deal with the trouble of it, and as it was his opinion to unban me, he had to reverse it according to Tobiah. This was the third ban and the last, I didn't bother making an appeal, there was no point in me attempting to re-join the discord at any point during the time Tobiah was the owner as I knew it would just be a waste of my time, and the staffs.

    Now that all of that has been explained in full detail, do I feel like I have changed? In honesty, I don’t feel any different as a person. I don’t feel like I should change who I am and I think it’s asking a bit too much for an online community to have expectations of people changing themselves. Do I think I’m a bad person? I don’t think so. I think the only thing that has changed personally is I’ve realized I can’t really blame the staff team, because during the time I was banned, I’ve come to realize that their hands were tied on many decisions. I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts on my situation and look forward to any feedback or questions on what I’ve said, which I would be happy to clarify for you.

    Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.