Ban Appeal: Comunicado Oficial#8553

  • Discord username : Comunicado Oficial#8553
    Discord ID : 311839966252498946
    Date when it was issued : 17/07/2019
    Reason for the Ban : Continuous inappropriate remarks on the server, along with NSFW pfp
    Warnings received before the ban : 4 temp mutes since February
    Team member who issued the ban : Shichi#​9711
    Reason why you should lift the ban : I have stopped making inappropriate remarks since my last temp mute but received my ban because I reverted to my old discord pfp which featured a convicted pedo A mod claimed it was against discord TOS which is questionable, since the image does not glorify said pedo in any way, but rather mocking. However, I understand that some people may find it offensive so I have since taken it down.
    What did change after the ban period : I have gained more self control and have learned to respect others more. Some remarks I've made or images I have posted without thinking may have offended others and I do not wish that.
    How do I plan on being different after lifting the ban : Following the server's rules and guidelines, being nice to to others.

  • @Comunicado-Oficial Hey there, sorry for the late response, but after staff review, you will not be unbanned at this time, please wait another 2 weeks before submitting another ban appeal.