• Discord Username: lll-Lodestar-lll#0120

    Discord ID: 460077533065642015

    Date/Time Ban was Issued: 8/7/2019 23:20:01 UTC

    Reason: Breaching Warframe ToS, asking for information on how to modify the game via supporter-mail service.

    Warnings Received Prior to Ban: None.

    Moderator who Issued Ban: Fran#2980

    Reason for Request for Unban: I didn't really break the ToS since I never played the game.

    How I've Changed since Ban: We finished the mod menu and confirmed it's working for PC players, so we won't ask for any more advice.

    How I'll Plan on being Different if you Lift the Ban: I would like to stay updated on the game so we can update the mod menu at the same pace.