Ban Appeal: lll-Lodestar-lll#0120

  • Discord Username: lll-Lodestar-lll#0120

    Discord ID: 460077533065642015

    Date/Time Ban was Issued: 8/7/2019 23:20:01 UTC

    Reason: Breaching Warframe ToS, asking for information on how to modify the game via supporter-mail service.

    Warnings Received Prior to Ban: None.

    Moderator who Issued Ban: Fran#2980

    Reason for Request for Unban: I didn't really break the ToS since I never agreed to follow it by playing the game/making a Warframe account, nor have any of my colleagues.

    How I've Changed since Ban: We finished the mod menu and confirmed it's working for over 58,400 PC players! We won't ask for any more advice, and wish to become active members of the Tenno community again.

    How I'll Plan on being Different if you Lift the Ban: I would like to stay updated on the game so we can update the mod menu at the same pace, as well as advertise the mod menu on the server myself, without having all my alts having to join from different devices.