Ban Appeal

  • SuperChanPrime



    August 15th, 2017. 5:25 p.m.

    Reason given was "frequently bringing up inappropriate topics and not ceasing the discussion after being warned 4 times."

    Zero warnings in action log (Actually, literally 0 activity in the action log involving me prior to ban). 2 verbal warnings. I didn't hear the first one, but I ceased after the second one. People continued speaking about the topic I brought up after I had dropped it, which I had no control over.

    Issued by Tobiah

    I feel the ban is inappropriate, I am not a disruptive person, It's difficult to know what is ok to talk about when there are so many people who talk about intense subjects on a regular basis on the server, especially the younger crowds. I am understanding of other people's feelings and know when it's time to drop a subject.

    I now have a clearer idea of what is and what isn't ok to discuss on the server. I am a empathetic person and am very compliant to stop discussing something if somebody is bothered by it.

    If my ban is lifted I will be more careful about what topics I approach, and I will be more attentive to other people's feelings regarding any given subject that I am involved in conversation with.

    Thank you for consideration.

  • So it's been over a month since my ban. I realize that I brought up something that offended somebody. First I just want to say that had I known that referencing a meme in voice chat could get me banned I would have never mentioned it. Secondly, I had no idea who khrinoc was at the time, nor was I familiar with his voice, so when I referenced the meme that I did and he asked me to stop I didn't know a mod was asking me to stop and also I didn't know who he was. By the 2nd time I was asked to stop I was actually paying enough attention to hear the request and realize who the request was coming from. The fact that other people in voice chat were talking about it after I had ceased was beyond my control and I am sorry for that.

    I'm not a disruptive person, all of my posts in the text channels are pretty clean. I mind my business and just try to have fun in voice chat with other Warframe players. I am sorry for what I did, truly. I love this game so please don't keep me separated from such a large portion of it's community over referencing a meme in a voice chat. I know what the limitations are and I won't cross any lines in the future if my ban is lifted, so please take it into consideration.

    Thank you.


    Superchan, you also never actually supplied your Discord Id.

  • Sorry, I thought what I posted with the numbers next to it was my id? I was able to find this other number, if it's not correct then I may need some assistance locating my id. I updated my original post with the number I found.

  • I don't mean to be a bother, but my appeal's been up for 2 months now. I know a few people might not be very fond of me and I am sorry for whatever I did to rub people the wrong way . I just want to rejoin the community and be given the chance to show that I can participate in the voice channels without bothering anyone. Maybe this ban was a good thing for me; It's made me re-evaluate myself and how I behave in discord and how I interact with people. I just want a chance to be better, I know I can be and if I'm allowed to rejoin the server you guys won't regret it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • The truth is, I grew up with a severe stuttering problem and tourettes. I didn't socialize much as a child because most of the time that I tried, I got made fun of by other kids. By the time I was able to manage my speech impediments I was already an adult and I had little to no social experience. I hung out mostly in bars in my young adult years and learned social interactions in that environment. I'm still learning how to interact with people who are on the more wholesome side personality wise and I want to get better at it. So please just give me another chance to improve.


    At the present, we feel it would be best to wait. I'm sorry if you feel this is unfair or takes too long, but we want to think on all of it, and at the moment we don't feel it's time to unban you.